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℗ Confuzion Recording Entertainment

Confuzion Recording Entertainment (simply known as Confuzion ENT.) is an American/international record label founded in February 2014. Over its first 5 years of operation, Confuzion Recording Entertainment earned a reputation as one of the most important American recording labels, specializing in Hip-Hop/R&B and Soul recordings.

Its position was greatly improved by its distribution. Confuzion Recording Entertainment became a wholly owned subsidiary of Its own with publishing and Distribution, Confuzion Music Group LLC, BMI Music Publishing affiliated and expanded worldwide with a release by recording artist CHI MIL #NoLoveOnlyGame




Video Shoot with Video Distribution
  • Video Shoot with Video Distribution
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Video shoot include Staged or Personal Location. Also include Video editing. Must Sign Video Contract. We Build video products to be shared across all deliverable services. Choose thumbnail, add a description and other metadata in one streamlined process.

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Video/Film Editing
  • Video/Film Editing
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Video And Film Editing is a creative process using effects, sounds, music and more to bring excitement to the world of entertainment. it's our specialty to assist your editing ideas and needs.

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  • Contracts
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Every contract you need to protect your work. All contracts are fully customizable to include your company's name and so on before being notarized as a legal document. Need Graphics? We also provide tailor-made documents printed as your letterhead.

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